Lords Mobile Darknest Hunter’s Guide – Get Your Dark Essence Rewards!

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Lords Mobile is fun and easy on the wallet

Darknests Provide Dark Essences for Potentially Great Rewards in Lords Mobile

You may have found a Darknest around your castle by now. These must be rallied with your guild to damage. Level 1 Darknests are bested by tier 2 (T2) and tier 1 (T1) troops usually. That being said, tier 3 and 4 work amazingly well against these bad boys.

Last night I saw a Level 3 Darknest with solely T2 troops upon scouting. The shocking part was that it had a level 8 Dark Essence! You need to unlock your Transmutation Lab building in order to transmute the Dark Essence into awesome rewards.

Transmutation Lab - Dark Essences - Lords Mobile - DarkthorneX
Transmutation Lab – Dark Essences

Once you unlock the transmutation building you can convert these into rewards.

Darknest Rally Checklist Including Boosts and Research

Improve your chance of victory by following this checklist when setting rally on a Darknest.

I first scout the thing to see what troops it has along with the level of Dark Essence to be gained. If you have several of the same level, it’s wise to set on the Darknest with the highest level essence and fewest troops and wall HP.

Once you’ve found a desirable target, ask your guild to send proper counter troops to the rally. Also, select the heroes that boost the troops you’ve asked for in the rally, ie. ranged, infantry, siege, cavalry.

To further improve your chances of victory use a combat attack boosts 20%. Also, when I’m planning to do a run of rallies I will respec my talents to combat. This vastly improves the strength of your hero.

Under Military Command tree are a few upgrades for Darknest rallying. Darknest Invasion provides and increase in max army size when attacking Darknests.

Darknest Research under Military Command
Darknest Research under Military Command

Darknest Convention increases travel speed for troops when joining a Darknest Coalition.

The third research is Darknest Navigation which increases travel speed for Darknest Coalition Army (Rally Captain Only).

So, while some research boosts for Darknest exists it doesn’t really provide extra hitting power, just faster troop travel and army size. Army size boost is helpful but if you’re like me, I rarely fill my rally size as is.

I wouldn’t make a special effort to gain these research boosts unless you’re already in the tree working through it.

Lastly, equip your best combat gear to boost the troop type you’re using, ie. ranged.

Everyone Can Join Your Darknest Rally for Dark Essence

If you can’t match the rally leader’s troops or tier type, you can send one troop. If the rally is victorious and you have space in your lab to transmute, you gain a dark essence. Super!

Did I forget some tips in this short tutorial on Darknest rallying? Please let me know in the comments below or send me a message on Line App: darkthorne.

Be sure to catch my live stream at twitch.com/darkthornelives! Happy Hunting!

-K405 [MGd] DarkthorneX

2 thoughts on “Lords Mobile Darknest Hunter’s Guide – Get Your Dark Essence Rewards!”

  1. Thank you for the info. I am not at that level yet, just started playing Lords Mobile 4 days ago. I played GOW almost from the very beginning. It was a great game for the first few years until MZ went all $ crazy.. So I seen some of your comments about Lords Mobile and decided to give it a try. So far i have enjoyed the game, the game atmosphere reminds me of the old GOW. So thank you for the info and keep putting out more tips for us beginners ..

    1. Awesome. If you seek a group to play with we are in K405 tag is MGd. Or find me DarkthorneX. Glad to help. Thank you for your comment.

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