A Familiar Guide to Familiars – Building and Training Guide

How do you like permanent boosts that you can increase easily over time? Now you have them with Familiars in Lords Mobile! Unlock the Monsterhold  to begin your new journey with Familiars by clearing Skirmish 8.

Monsterhold – Familiars Building

Monsterhold - Familiars
Monsterhold – Familiars
The Monsterhold is where you manage your Familiars. You can summon Familiars with Pacts, enhance them to the next growth stage, or upgrade their skills. You can also shatter Runes there. Lords Mobile IGG 
The Monsterhold is where you can view and upgrade your Familiars but you need pacts and other upgrade items.  Mystic Spires provide the required Pacts.

Mystic Spire – Pacts, Fragments, and Skillstones

Mystic Spire building lords mobile
Mystic Spire – Merge Pacts
The Mystic Spire is where you get Pacts and Skillstones. Pacts can be used to summon Familiars (duplicate Familiars will turn into Runes). Skillstones are used to activate Familiar skills. Upgrade to increase the amount of items you can get in each batch. Lords Mobile IGG
Once you’ve unlocked Mystic Spire and constructed the building, you may begin production of Pacts. You will produce Pact 1A-1B first. To produce higher levels of Pacts, head to your Academy for Familiar research. Pacts must be merged. To merge Pacts you need Anima along with normal resources you produce or gather. Anima is produced by a Spring.

Spring – Produces Anima to Merge Pacts

Spring Building Lords Mobile
Spring – Produces Anima
Springs affect Anima production rate and storage. Production stops when storage is full. Build more or upgrade to increase efficiency and merging speed in the Mystic Spire. Lords Mobile IGG
A Spring in Lords Mobile produces Anima used to merge Pacts in your Mystic Spire which in turn is used to discover new Familiars and materials for upgrading such as Runes and Fragments. I’m using just one Spring at the moment. I’ve mostly Gyms.

Gym – Familiar Training Building

Gym Lords Mobile Familiars
Gym – Training Building
The Gym is where you can train your Familiars. Here, they can gain EXP and level up. Elder Familiars at max level can also gain Skill EXP. (Each Gym build will give 1 additional training slot). Lords Mobile IGG
This is straightforward. Each Gym constructed allows one Familiar training slot. So, for my Familiars setup I’ve built two Spring, one Gym, the rest are Mystic Spires so I can merge as many pacts per day as I possible. These pacts in turn allow you to upgrade Familiars quickly from medals you receive from merging packs. Set all your heroes to train one Familiar at a time. Next, merge pacts each day. I try to finish the merge timer when I see an event for “Merge Pacts”. However, I really need to focus on Familiar research to start merging higher level Pacts to unlock greater Familiars! Don’t forget to merge level 1 pacts, or you will have a bunch of level 20 familiars with not enough runes to enhance them to adulthood for those awesome boosts!

Equipment to boost your familiar training and pact merging

You can craft a number of items to boost your familiar training and pact merging speed. Familiar Merge Boost Equipment
  • Accursed Mask (Head) – Merging Speed Boost
  • Spirit Mantle (Chest) – Merging Speed Boost
  • Ancestral Kilt (Feet) – Merging Speed Boost, Familiar Training Lv EXP Boost
  • Blighted Vial (Offhand) – Familiar Training Lv EXP Boost, Merging Speed Boost
  • Mystic Box (Accessory) – Familiar Training Lv EXP Boost, Merging Speed Boost
This has been a quick guide to get you started in the Familiar world. Next time we will look at what various Familiars provide your castle!

Lords Mobile – Fun, Free, and Friendly

Lords Mobile is a well-developed mobile war game with tons of side quests and events to help you grow on a low budget.

After a thrilling four years playing mobile app games with friends, I went searching for a new chapter. I believe I’ve found it in Lords Mobile. A friend suggested a year ago that I try it. However, I needed a break from games of this type. I opted for PC and console games instead for awhile. You know games you can play a while then just turn it off? Eventually, on vacation, away from the consoles and PC,  I decided to give it a shot. I’m now a few months into it and continue to unlock fun-ctionality!

Bravo Lords Mobile Developers – I Got Games

Lords Mobile is polished.  The developer I Got Games, IGG, did a great job making it convenient for the player. They added cool and helpful tools. You won’t find a lot of micromanagement or mundane and repetitive tasks. For instance, when crafting equipment, materials required are shown. If you need further maintenance of the materials before crafting, the option is there to manage this directly. If you’ve the required materials to upgrade an item it tells you.

The cool thing is this game provides hours of fun without requiring a single purchase. However, if you want to upgrade quickly the option is there via the store. Other mobile app games have taken a different approach, requiring players to purchase items to do the simplest of upgrades.

Also, when you decide to make a purchase you don’t have to spend $99 like most other games of this type.  Frequently, if not everyday, a $1, $5, or $20 pack option is available.

Features of Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile is fun and easy on the wallet.
Lords Mobile
First, the game is similar to many other mobile war games.  You build up your castle, troops, research, etc. However, this game has loads of side or mini games to play and earn materials for upgrades.

Games Within the Game

When you’re not attacking enemy castles, there’s loads to do within your own castle walls.  Heroes join together in a party to raid in the Hero Stages. Each stage you pass rewards you experience, materials, and hero XP. By winning the stages you unlock new heroes. These heroes are then upgraded by grinding the hero stages either manually or automatically. So, as you unlock new heroes you can quickly level them up to match your other hero levels without re-working stages you’ve already completed. It’s automated! This is another example of IGG thinking of the player.

How To Start in Lords Mobile

Turf Quests - Lords Mobile
The easiest way to begin Lords Mobile is to follow the Turf Quests. Turf quests suggest what to upgrade next. Also, you gain Quest Rewards for completing each task. Use these resources to continue building and upgrading.

Play Lords Mobile

If you’re looking for a fun mobile app to pass the time and meet new people, I recommend Lords Mobile. Our guild is (U+S) in Kingdom 405.  No longer is it a protected kingdom. All are welcome! So, if you’re just beginning you can teleport to it or use a migration scroll to change kingdoms. We would love to have you! Also, you can use WeGamers app to chat with your guild in real time without even opening the game. The game is in landscape, so many guildmates prefer to communicate in portrait mode using the WeGamers app.

Black Crow Rises in Lords Mobile: Demon Slayer Answer

Hey folks! DarkthorneX back to share with you a HUGE tip for Lords Mobile.

For the past week or so I’ve had trouble with Demon Slayer and Boom Hilda combination in the Lords Mobile Colosseum. I did a bit of research and discovered that I didn’t have enough damage output.

Leveling Up Black Crow for Demon Slayer Answer

I further discovered that Black Crow has the highest damage output in Lords Mobile.

So, I went to work leveling up Black Crow and the following video is the result.

Video: Lords Mobile Teamwork!

Teamwork in Lords Mobile stops a bully in their tracks! See the video of how this guild used teamwork to rescue their friends!

In life bullies seem to rule our lives at times, but in Lords Mobile they don’t stand a chance with teamwork from your awesome guild mates!

The Steel Alliance, (BRR), show us how they handle bullies and return their friends to the safety of the guild hive.

Teamwork in Lords Mobile

Enjoy this video from the Lords Mobile community!

worthy prince youtube
WorthyPrince YOUTUBE

Thank you to Worthy Prince – YouTube for an awesome video!

I liked the coordination between players to send the solo marches at the same time.  This show of strength put the enemy on notice that they aren’t messing around.

The notifications alone probably caused great alarms, on their phone!

The knock out punch came from not one, two, three, or four but five heavy hitters ready to knock the guy into the next “dimension”.

Awesome job guys! Way to call his bluff! BUBBLES!

If you like what you see and want to be apart of the excitement, download Lords Mobile and join the online sensation that’s sweeping YOUR nation 😛

Send BRR a note of thanks or leave a comment for them and subscribe to their channel for cool videos in the future!

-(MGd) DarkthorneX, K405

Video: Lords Mobile Hero Challenge Stage 1-7 Clear!

Hey DarkthorneX fans! I finally found the right combination of heroes for Lords Mobile Hero Challenge Stage 1-7.  

Two tanks, a healer, and a caster was the right combination for this group of mobs. 

These mobs are heavy physical defense it seems. Magic eats straight through them.

Another issue I had is that a couple of them self-heal like crazy.  This delays clearing the stages which also leads to a loss. 

Here is the line up that did the job for me. One of these wasn’t in the mix because it was a four hero line-up, remove Child-of-Light.

So, heroes used:

  • Oathkeeper Wesley
  • Prima Donna
  • Rose Knight
  • Dark Follower
Lords Mobile Hero Challenge

Anyway, enjoy the video clip!  Comments welcome!

Oath Keeper Wesley – “For kin and country!”

Wesley is a strength hero in Lords Mobile. He’s the first Hero you earn when starting the game. So, for many players he’s their best or most developed hero. This situation also applies to my adventure.

Oath Keeper Wesley is the last surviving member of a prestigious clan of knights. When civil war broke out, his family marched to war, leaving young Wesley to fend for himself. 

Though conditions were harsh, he never forgot his roots and has now become a man of honor.

Wesley dedicated his life to serving his lord. His usual duties include keeping the peace and repelling invaders. A tough job for a tough man!

Wesley is a strength hero in Lords Mobile. He’s the first Hero you earn when starting the game. So, for many players he’s their best or most developed hero. This situation also applies to my adventure. 

I use Wesley in nearly every rally, attack, or endeavor where a large guy needs to stand between the enemy and the rest of your attacking squad. Let’s have a closer look at Oath Keep Wesley!

Battle Skills

Wesley provides Fatal Strike which deals Squad ATK as DMG to enemy troops. He’s an infantryman and boosts the Infantry HP of of your squad.

Hero Skills

Wesley is a tank hero. His skills or abilities are for crowd control and defense. Later on you receive a heal over time or recovery per second.

Oath Keeper Wesley Lords Mobile

Shockwave creates a cone type effect in front of Wesley dealing damage and stunning the enemy for 1s.

divine shield oathkeeper wesley

Divine Shield – summons a shield of light that absorbs incoming damage. Shield lasts 4  seconds or breaks after taking too much damage.

Shield Bash – Strikes and enemy with his shield, dealing damage and inflicting Stun for 3s. Deals physical damage to the target. 

Hot Blooded – The Oath Keeper’s will to live keeps him fighting. Just check him and see. Increases Recovery/second by 102.

Oath Keeper Wesley – Tank Class

Oath Keeper Wesley

Keep in mind that Wesley is a tank class. Tank just means he can take a lot of damage and he’s expected to protect the other squad members who are not as tough physically.

Other tank classes early game are Rose Knight and The Big Guy. Currently, I enjoy Wesley as my main hero. However, I am taking Rose Knight and The Big Guy with me as well.

Looking for a Guild? Mad Guardians Wants YOU!

Mad Guardians of Kingdom 405 in Lords Mobile is looking for eager new guardians to fill our nearly full ranks. 

Do you desire to join a community of passionate gamers and progress in an adventure unimaginable?

Come to MGd! Join our mailing list while you’re at it!  

Leave a comment below with interest in Guild or comments concerning Oath Keeper Wesley.

For a beginner’s guide to Lords Mobile visit Lords Mobile Beginner’s Guide.

Until next time my Lord!


War Thunder: WW2 Battles with Tanks and Planes!

My friend begged me for years to try out a war game he was playing. However, I had plenty of games on my plate at the time and didn’t give it much thought. Years later he asked again. I was a little surprised he STILL played it. So I gave War Thunder a try. I’m glad I did!

War Thunder

War Thunder is Fun!

I’ve been playing War Thunder for several weeks now. I enjoyed this game straight away.

In War Thunder you can choose to play Army or Aviation side.  My favorite is the aviation side, but my cousin really enjoys the Army. So together we are a pretty decent pair.

Army is full of ground vehicles like tanks and anti-aircraft, while Aviation requires planes like fighters and bombers.

The game play is simple to learn, but it has a huge learning curve waiting for you. That makes this game incredibly complex if you want to get into the details of it, but also rewarding.

Usually I’ll start a game and just have fun with it. Wing it. Once I get the hang of it, however, then I can begin looking into the finer details of what the game has to offer.

In its current version, you can select either Army or Aviation. It’s possible in closed beta to play Navy. I’m excited to get my hands on a beta copy of this game play. Soon I hope!

Let’s take a look first at Army.

Army Game Play

War Thunder is Fun!


The Army division lets you  play tanks and a number of other ground vehicles. Throughout the battle, you can select to fight in an air battle as well.

Air battles start and stop throughout a tank round. Check your action bar for  the air fight to light up and become available. Tap it to begin the countdown. Keep in mind while in the air your tank is left open and vulnerable to attacks.

Tanks have several options for upgrading. Armor, artillery, crew, and lots more. I’m just getting into the game play for the most part now and will see about upgrades and modifications later.

Aviation Game Play

Aviation War Thunder DarkthorneX.com

I tend to lean toward the aviation game play more than the tanks at the moment. This may change as I upgrade my tanks. Right now my focus is on upgrading my 5 airplanes.

In the image above you see my SBD-3 with a battle ranking of 2.0. This means when I queue up for battles I may face planes up to battle rating of 3.0! So be careful about which planes you take out to battle. It could significantly boost your battle rating average.

So, if you just finish researching a plane before making many upgrades, perhaps leave that guy in the hanger until you add some modifications.

If you’re like me, however, you’ll want to take that sucker out first chance you can in the beginning. Those reserve planes offered in the start of the game are fun until you take them out against a battle rating 3 or 4.

Upgrading Your Planes

You can upgrade a plane in several areas.

Upgrade your Crew often

Crew points upgrade war thunder

Upgrading your crew in War Thunder is easy. You just have to remember to do it. The points to upgrade are earned as you use the crew. You can upgrade them to improve key areas during battles.

  • Keen Vision
  • Awareness
  • G-Tolerance
  • Stamina
  • Vitality

You can upgrade your crew by Pilot, Gunner, Logistical Services or by Qualification. Each point of crew upgrade provides the stats increased.

Guys like to collide to get you down a lot in this game. Watch out for these punks!

I stream War Thunder quite often. If you want a first hand look at the game check out my Twitch channel!